31+ Calgary Flames Logo Outline Images

31+ Calgary Flames Logo Outline Images. When did the calgary flames move to calgary? The only change is the black border added around the logo.

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When the nhl decided to rebrand in 2003 and designate dark jerseys for home games, the flames took this as an opportunity to transition back to red as their main colour. Currently over 10,000 on display for your viewing pleasure Arguably the most drastic change came on the shoulder patches, as the team abandoned the horse for canadian flags on the left shoulder and albertan flags on the right.

The second logo is to be used as the shoulder patch.

Introducing a brand new jersey for the first time since the franchise’s move to calgary, the flames took a major risk in 1994 with some unorthodox piping along the bottom of the sweater. Celebrating the ‘year of the horse,’ the sweater featured an angry mustang with fire flaring from its nostrils, placed on a black background with red and yellow triangular striping. The design of the logo has remained constant since it was created, though the flames use a different coloured logo for the home and away jerseys. Keeping the flames moniker following the team’s relocation to calgary from atlanta in 1980, the flames kept basically the same jersey style from their previous home in georgia.