Get Anders Breivik 22 Juli 2011 Images

Get Anders Breivik 22 Juli 2011 Images. Breivik is a norwegian citizen who has admitted to carrying out norway's biggest massacre since world war ii. Anders behring breivik is the perpetrator of the july 22, 2011 attacks in norway.

Anders Breivik killed 77 people in Norway. A decade on … from

I was in the front row of the press section; Eyewitnesses say the police called anders' name when they arrived and he put his gun down. The next morning i flew from moscow to oslo to cover the story.

How did they know his name?

22 july is a 2018 american crime drama film about the 2011 norway attacks and their aftermath, based on the book one of us: On july 22, 2011, breivik carried out two terrorist attacks in norway, killing 77 people. Nadat er een autobom ontploft in oslo opent dader anders breivik op het eilandje utoya het vuur op jongeren die er op zomerkamp zijn. On july 22, 2011, right wing extremist anders breivik set off a bomb in the capital, oslo, killing eight people, before heading to tiny utoya island where he stalked and shot dead 69 members of the labour party's youth wing.