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View Anders Behring Breivik Opfer Background. He acknowledged having carried out the attacks, but claiming that he was acting out of necessity. The trial of anders behring breivik, the perpetrator of the 2011 norway attacks, took place between 16 april and 22 june 2012 in oslo district court.

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Anders behring breivik (or fjotolf hansen after undergoing a name change in 2017) is the convicted murderer of 77 people in and around oslo, norway, on 22 july 2011. Anders behring breivik is the perpetrator of the july 22, 2011 attacks in norway. Um seinen hals trägt er die gefälschte polizeimarkefoto:

Anders behring breivik was born on february 13, 1979 in oslo, norway.

Der verurteilte massenmörder anders behring breivik am 16. Anders behring breivik ('andəʂ 'beːʀiŋ 'bʀeɪviːk; Breivik was sentenced to 21 years of preventive detention on 24 august 2012. Anders behring breivik gets his verdict read.