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Get Anders Breivik Anwalt Background. Breivik is a norwegian citizen who has admitted to carrying out norway's biggest massacre since world war ii. The attack has cast a long shadow on norway and other countries around the.

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Four years after anders behring breivik slaughtered 77 people in. Der attentäter von oslo, anders behring breivik, hatte nach angaben seines anwalts bei den anschlägen vor einer woche noch umfassendere pläne. The terrorist attacks included detonating a car bomb in downtown oslo, norway, near the offices of the prime minister, killing eight and wounding 26.

Anders behring breivik (born 13 february 1979) is a norwegian christian and the confessed perpetrator of the july 22, 2011 norway attacks.

Anders behring breivik (born oslo, norway, february 13, 1979) was accused of, and has since confessed to, murdering 77 people during a killing spree in norway on july 22, 2011. I first noticed the immigration/cultural issues when i was in my early teens, in an. Anders breivik, and europe's suicide. Anders behring breivik (or fjotolf hansen after undergoing a name change in 2017) is the convicted murderer of 77 people in and around oslo, norway, on 22 july 2011.