24+ Amy Winehouse Belgrade 2011 Pics

24+ Amy Winehouse Belgrade 2011 Pics. Courtesy iva tanackovic amy winehouse has been booed by crowds in serbia's capital belgrade after appearing to be too drunk to perform. Jun 19, 2011 · june 19, 2011 9:30 am et amy winehouse, who has suffered through problems related to drugs and alcohol, has been away from the global spotlight so long she must be getting better, right?

Amy Winehouse booed and jeered by Serbian crowd as she ...
Amy Winehouse booed and jeered by Serbian crowd as she … from 1.bp.blogspot.com

Where does amy winehouse play next in europe? Jun 21, 2011 · amy winehouse has turned down payment for her shambolic concert in belgrade, serbia. Amy winehouse performs at kalemegdan park on june 18, 2011 in belgrade, serbia—the singer's last live concert performance before her death on july 23, 2011.

1 day ago · while there was a lot of media coverage of winehouse’s disastrous live performance in belgrade in june 2011, where she appeared to be “too drunk to sing”, traviss has pointed out that she did an acclaimed tour of brazil as well as several other concerts and impromptu appearances in the last two years of her life.

The troubled singer was originally thought to be demanding full payment as, despite giving one of the worst. Why was amy winehouse booed at belgrade concert? Even serbian defence minister dragan sutanovac put the boot in, calling. Amy winehouse performing at the kalemegdan fortress, belgrade, serbia, june 18 2011setlist:01.