34+ China Flood Pictures

34+ China Flood Pictures. Flooding is relatively common in parts of china. Officials said that at least 154 people have been killed and the death toll is likely to rise.

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Explore more on china floods. Torrential rain has caused severe flooding in parts of central china, forcing people from their homes and leaving stations and roads submerged. This week, we look back to 1931, when maybe the worst of china's recent floods inundated an area the size of new england, affecting up to 50 million people.

In early june, flooding in coastal guangdong province was severe but still within normal annual expectations.

China has touted its massive dam network as a remedy for its devastating annual floods, but record deluges have once again killed hundreds of people and submerged thousands of homes this year. At least three people have been killed in the provincial capital, zhengzhou, where more than 20cm (7.8in) of rain fell. Explore more on china floods. Chinese authorities admit the #threegorgesdam has 'moved, leaked and distorted.' that, on the same day the dam saw its most severe flooding of the year.