43+ Anders Breivik Våpen Pictures

43+ Anders Breivik Våpen Pictures. This article was first published on july 18, 2015 and is republished here on the fifth anniversary of norway's worst peacetime atrocity: /ˈɑnːəʂ ˈbeːriŋ ˈbræiviːk/ ( escuchar);

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Party secretary in the rightwing socialistic populist party: The trial of anders behring breivik, the perpetrator of the 2011 norway attacks, took place between 16 april and 22 june 2012 in oslo district court. Anders behring breivik (pronunciación en noruego:

Anders behring breivik (born 13 february 1979) is a norwegian christian and the confessed perpetrator of the july 22, 2011 norway attacks.

The terrorist attacks included detonating a car bomb in downtown oslo, norway, near the offices of the prime minister, killing eight and wounding 26. On that day, a bomb was detonated near government buildings in the capital city of oslo, killing eight. He won his effort to be declared sane. Anders behring breivik is the perpetrator of the july 22, 2011 attacks in norway.